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X-ray Services in North York, ON

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Pet X ray is one of the diagnostic imaging methods used to identify diseases. These imaging techniques provide a wealth of information through non-invasive means and, importantly, do not alter the course of the disease.
Radiography stands as the most commonly used imaging method in veterinary procedures. X-ray images are created using processes similar to medical science, albeit with equipment tailored for dogs, cats, and other animals. While this procedure is generally painless, there are cases where we administer a sedative to reduce the pet’s anxiety and stress, ensuring they remain still during image capture.

At Toronto North Animal Hospital, we frequently employ radiology to diagnose fractures, tumours, injuries, infections, and organ deformities.

When is it necessary to do X-rays?

Radiology and X-rays provide veterinarians a non-invasive way to peek inside your pet’s body. We examine two types of tissues with X-rays: bones and soft tissues.

When it comes to bones, X-rays can help diagnose:

1- Fractures
2- Osteoarthritis
3- Spinal issues
4- Dislocations
5- Bone cancer

They are also useful for keeping an eye on healing fractures, checking the success of orthopedic surgeries, or monitoring bone growth in young animals.

For soft tissue structures, X-rays can help us spot:

Heart enlargement
Chest or lung conditions like pneumonia or asthma
Stomach or intestinal foreign bodies
Kidney disease
Bladder stones
In dentistry, X-rays help us assess the roots of teeth beneath the gum line, aiding in diagnosing dental problems that could be causing discomfort to your pet.

X-rays are safe for your pet, usually conducted with a light sedative to keep them calm. However, in cases like hip X-rays or after a fracture, a general anesthetic might be necessary if your pet needs to be in uncomfortable positions. Your pet’s well-being is our top priority throughout the process.

The Importance of Pet Digital X-Ray

Think of X-rays as a special way to see what’s happening inside your pet’s body. It’s kind of like a superhero power for vets. When we take an x-ray of our cat, it helps us peek at things like their bones, lungs, urinary system, and heart.

Now, why is this important? Well, it helps us determine why your pet feels unwell. X-rays can uncover the reasons behind broken bones, bone cancer, bladder stones, a persistent cough, achy joints, and tummy troubles. With X-rays, we can spot problems in the bones, organs, and even the soft parts of your pet’s body, making it a valuable tool in keeping your furry friend healthy.

How do you take a Pet X-ray?

When taking X-rays of your pet, keeping them still is super important. We usually give dogs and cats a little sedation or even gentle anesthesia to ensure they stay calm and quiet. Once your pet comfortably sleeps, we position them just right and snap the X-ray picture. We use special digital systems that quickly process these images, letting us zoom in, rotate, and fix them if needed.

Sometimes, we might need to take several pictures from different angles to get the clearest and most detailed view of what might happen. These X-ray snapshots are then saved in your pet’s medical records.
After we’re confident we have all the needed X-ray pictures, we gently wake your pet, which starts recovering. Our experienced team will chat with you about what we’ve found and discuss the next steps for your furry friend.

Pet X-ray Services North York

Our Pet X-ray Services in North York are here to provide your beloved furry companions with the best possible care. With state-of-the-art technology and experienced veterinarians, we offer non-invasive diagnostic solutions to ensure your pet’s health and well-being.
Don’t wait when it comes to your pet’s health. Contact Toronto North Animal Hospital today if you suspect any issues or want to schedule a routine checkup. Your pet’s health is our top priority, and we’re ready to assist you. Take the next step in ensuring your pet’s vitality by scheduling an appointment with us now.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Pet X-ray?

A pet X-ray, also known as a radiograph, is a diagnostic procedure that allows us to peer inside your pet’s body to examine its bones and organs. It’s a commonly used imaging technique that provides valuable insights into your pet’s internal health.

What Parts of My Pet’s Body Can You See with an X-ray?

Digital X-rays give us a comprehensive view of your pet’s entire body. We frequently perform a few specific types of X-rays. An abdominal X-ray helps us look more at your pet’s abdomen, including their stomach and bladder, and can even detect pregnancies.

Will My Pet Experience Pain During the Procedure?

No, we take great care to ensure this procedure is painless for your pet. To capture the best internal images, pets must remain as still as possible during X-rays. We may offer a gentle sedative for your pet before their appointment, especially if they tend to be squirmy or fidgety.

How Much Does a Dog X-ray Exam Cost at North York?

The cost of a dog X-ray exam can vary depending on the type and number of X-rays needed. Our team will provide you with a recommended treatment plan during the examination, and based on that plan, we’ll discuss the associated costs before proceeding with the treatment.

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      Our love for animals drives us to do our best. We are not afraid to roll on the floor with a puppy and we love the kitties that greet us daily. With initiative, positivity, and sincerity, we strive to bridge the gap between humans and pets and focus on their health to establish a better and stronger relationship because we consider animals family members. Choosing a veterinary clinic significantly impacts the health of animals, so be careful when choosing.

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